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About Us

Who We Are

We are part of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church and state licensed by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services. We offer high quality academic English programs for Preschool (3years and potty trained), Pre-K (must be 4yrs olds by October 1 of school year early morning care and after care.


Our teachers hold degrees in early childhood education.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child has an innate drive for exploring, discovering, communicating, and learning. Our purpose is to provide a safe, warm, and nurturing environment for children to develop this innate drive to the fullest, and become life-long learners. Our goal is to help each child develop his/her individual interests, creativity and potential at their own pace by providing a wide variety of fun and age appropriate activities and materials. In addition to the developmental goals in the areas of math, language, science, cognitive skills, motor skills, etc., stipulated by the state, the school aims to promote learning skills for life.


At the same time we aim to enhance the child’s social, moral, cultural and spiritual growth through group interactions, uplifting stories, cultural events and gentle guidance. Since “a healthy mind is in a healthy body” as the Ancient Greeks said, we provide a huge indoors gym and a beautiful play ground with regular physical activities.



Several key principles will be instrumental in our program:


Independence:  Cooperation: Both individual and collective learning activities are incorporated in the daily program to foster the child’s independence on the one hand and cooperation ability on the other. Learning centers for math, science, music, art, dramatic play, and computers provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences. Individual attention by the teachers and child-engagement are essential.


Creative Repetition: As we know there is no knowledge without repetition. The Ancient Greeks said: “Repetition is the Mother of all Learning.” But repetition can be boring and tiring. This is where “creative” comes in. We provide different fun activities in various contexts that teach the same concepts but are new and interesting each time. This way repetition is exciting and effective. This principle will be particularly important in the Greek language program.


Creative Role-Play: Regularly our children will engage in semi-free role-play   and dialogue of various themes under the guidance of the teacher. When children play their role and follow their rules of make-believe and push one another to follow those rules, they develop important habits of self-control. In addition to self-control this activity promotes verbal skills and confidence in expressing oneself as well as social skills. Role-play will be an integral part of teaching.  


Discipline: We believe that discipline is teaching and guiding, not punishing.  Respect for the children and their feelings are of the utmost importance. Our policy on discipline is to maintain an attitude of positive reinforcement. Classroom rules are designed to protect persons and property and to promote pro-social behaviors, such as sharing and taking turns. If problems arise, the children in question will be reminded of acceptable behaviors and redirected to more positive activities. If necessary the use of a “time-out” or “Thinking Chair” is used.  Time-outs are always followed by one-on-one discussion of the issue, and alternative solutions are explored

Our Advantage

Rigorous academic English program.


Rich Curriculum: Language, Mathematics, Science, Drama, Nature, Discovery, Creativity.


Excellent experince teachers.


Security System.


Small class sizes.


Extensive Facilities - In House Gym & Playground


Greek Mythology: adventurous, uplifting stories.


Warm and vibrant Greek Orthodox Community of St. George.


Competitive pricing


Flexible Schedule and extended Day Care.

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